Put a stunning finishing touch to your costume, or just change your eye colour for the day with our Naturals range.

Complete your costume with Primal from Costume Land.

PRIMAL® Coloured Contact Lenses is a Canadian based company specialising in the manufacturing and distribution of costume and cosmetic coloured contacts. Their expertise in research, design and technology produces a coloured lens that is exceptional in both quality and comfort. The research and development team carefully selects each pigment according to various criteria such as the level of opacity and the ability of the lens to mimic the eyes natural colors. PRIMAL® Coloured Contact Lenses are manufactured in standardized facilities according to internationally accepted standards, FDA approved and globally recognised.

The Primal Contact Lenses Care Instructions supplied with this product must be carefully followed. It is recommended that the wearer obtains contact lens wearing advice from an eye care professional. Our Primal range of contact lenses offer multiple use for up to three months when cared for as per the manufacturer’s advice.

Contact lenses should not be worn for longer than 8 hours a day as this will increase the risk of infection or permanent damage.